Year 2015

Event Title Location Date
LOPEC Exhibition 2015 Munich (GE) 4-5th of March, 2015
EuCAP Conference 2015 Lisbon (PT) 12-17th of April, 2015
URSI-AT-RASC Conference 2015 Gran Canaria (ES) 18- 25th of May, 2015
Info day on electronics engineering Tarragona (ES) 25-26th of June, 2015
EuMC 2015 7th European Paris (FR) 7- 10th of September, 2015
IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona (ES) 16-18th of September, 2015
European Researcher's Night Europe (EU) 25 September, 2015
European Summer School on RFID Valence (FR) 26-29th of October, 2015
IEEE Conference – 15th Mediterranean Microwave Symposium Lecce (IT) 30.11-02.12, 2015
IEEE 2nd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) Milano (IT) 14-16th of December, 2015

Year 2016

Event Title Location Date
LOPEC Exhibition 2016 Munich (GE) 10-15th of April 2016
AP-S/URSI Conference 2016 Fajardo, Puerto Rico (USA) 26th of June – 1st of  July 2016
Summer school “Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) 2016 Pisa (IT) 21st-29th of July, 2016
Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments 2016 IEEE International Conference Aachen (GE) 25-30th of September 2016
European Researcher’s Night Pisa (IT) 30th of September, 2016
Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona (ES) 14-16th of November, 2016
Scientific afternoons at school Pisa (IT) 1st of December, 2016

Year 2017

Event Title Location Date
EuCAP Conference 2017 Paris (FR) 19-24th of March, 2017
PIERS Conference 2017 Saint Petersburg (RU) 21-27th of May, 2017
IMS Conference 2017 Honolulu (US-HI) 04-09th of June, 2017
URSI - GASS Conference 2017 Montreal (CA) 19-26th of August, 2017
INSCIT 2017 Conference 2017 Fortaleza (BR) 28th of August-1st of September, 2017
ICEAA - IEEE APWC Conference 2017 Verona (IT) 11-15th of September, 2017
RFID-TA Conference 2017 Warsaw (PO) 19-23th of September, 2017
EuMW Conference 2017 Nuremberg (GE) 07-13th of October, 2017